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John Murray earned a B.S. in Radio-TV Production and Engineering from Ohio University in 1975, and worked as a sound contractor in Dayton, Ohio from 1976 to 1980. In Indianapolis, Indiana, he learned Time-Delay Spectrometry (TDS) measurement in 1981 prior to the creation of Crown’s original TEF products. Later, he became the first TEF-10 operator in the state of Ohio while doing sound contracting until 1989. He is also a certified Meyer SIM and SIA SMAART user, as well as an alpha & beta tester for EASERA SysTune measurement system.

Through 1991, he was the Professional Sound Market Development Manager for Electro-Voice (EV), now Bosch. He ran their regional sound seminars in the US and Canada and was involved in the development of Altec Lansing’s Variable Intensity Horns and EV’s Stadium Horns, as well as several other electronic and acoustical products.

Through 1998 he was a product manager with TOA Electronics, and was involved with the world’s first audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) products. He worked with their Professional Sound Engineering Department developing new analog and DSP electronics, as well as speaker products. In 1993, he was fortunate to be the first to simultaneously perform DSP-based acoustical measurements and signal processing on a single laptop PC in real time and demonstrated the technique at an AES meeting in Dallas, TX.

Through 2000, John ran MediaMatrix training and product documentation for the Architectural Acoustics division of Peavey Electronics Corporation. In 2000, He returned to TOA as the Field Training Specialist and held TOA-product and general-audio training sessions across the US. John was also a long-time instructor for the Live Sound Workshop held at Chapman University yearly before the National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM) show in Anaheim, CA.

John has been an Audio Engineering Society (AES) member since 1980, and has presented two AES papers on DSP-based loudspeaker tuning and co-chaired the 2002 AES Line-Array Symposium. Having attended several Syn-Aud-Con (Synergetic Audio Concepts) seminars and workshops, he developed and chaired two workshops for them: Horns I & Horns II, and has chaired several others since then. John was an instructor for Syn-Aud Con’s EQ07 workshop, attended by 144 people from 10 countries, includingend-users, A/V integrators, audio consultants and manufacturers.

From 2002 to 2009, he started and ran ProSonic Solutions, an independent manufacturers’ sales representative firm that also offered sound-system-tuning subcontracting for audio consultants and system design assistance, commissioning, and technical training to A/V system integrators.

Having developed the original gain-structure and speaker-equalization classes for both NSCA and INFOCOMM, he is also an INFOCOMM Adjunct Faculty Member and has taught several more classes for the NSCA. In 2007, he was awarded Instructor of the Year for NSCA’s Technical College for his Line Arrays: Separating Reality from Marketing Hype class. His second audio-educational DVD: Levels, Metering and Gain Structure, is the basis for the NSCA’s first on-line accredited training course.

John is the principal of Optimum System Solutions (OSS), his systems-optimization and intelligibility-measurement consulting firm. He is also on retainer for Renkus-Heinz and runs regional Iconyx steerable line-array certification seminars and performs system commissioning and troubleshooting for their dealers across the US. He is also the Technical Editor for Front of House (FOH) magazine.

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John Murray Tuning a Chirch System
John Murray Tuning a Church Sound System


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